We all have been in a situation where it is hard to find the perfect gift. Some of your guests will be traveling from afar. Make it as easy for them as possible.

A gift list (or gift registry) will help you plan your new living environment. And it wouldn’t hurt to get something you’ve always wanted but have hesitated to buy.

We have put together a few tips we think will help you get the best out of your gift list.

Register First, Select later

Do not wait to think of everything you need. Shop around, walk around and keep a phone handy. Your friends and relatives must be eager to congratulate you with gifts. Early information helps everyone. Keep adding as you go along.

Do it as a couple

The gifts are as much for you as they are for your partner. It’s advisable to make a combined list and alternate on the final say. Take your partner to the store. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises. As you near your wedding day, you should have about twice as many items on the list as you need to make sure the both of you are covered. (A well-equipped kitchen or a really loud home entertainment system or both?)

Price it right

Make sure you cover gifts that have a wide range of prices. You’ve got to have something for everyone. This is to avoid a situation where a friend of yours cannot find something that matches his/her budget, but at the same time keeping in mind that some of your friends and relatives might want to be a bit more generous and you don’t want them to have to buy you 700 bed sheets to make it seem so.

Think limitless

The days of only watches and bone china are gone. Think of any and everything you need around the house. It could be anything from curtain hangers to hair dryers. I remember seeing a door knob on a friend’s gift list once. Think of things that would make your guests happy too. Love travelling? Add adventure sports, experiences, air tickets or hotel stay onto your list.

Be return ready

Go through the return policy for the store or product. You will most likely be setting up a new place and there’s no reason you should be stuck with something you cannot use.

Say thank you

You don’t need a gift list for this. Make a plan and keep the ‘Thank You’s ready.

Keep in mind that there’ll be some guests who will bring gifts that are off the gift list. They could be gifts that you cherish too.